Snapshot: Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

White rowhouse=Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar. From Google Maps.

White rowhouse=Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar. From Google Maps.

Phew. It’s been a heavy, heavy week. This little hidden joint on H Street NE is a great place to blow off some steam.

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar is hard to find. There’s no sign and even though the music is absolutely blasting inside, you can’t hear it from the street. Just find 1104 H St. and go on in, and get down with one of the city’s better-kept nightlife secrets.

The first floor is more rock club than anything. Lots of 80s hotness like Guns ‘N Roses, Van Halen…those sorts of jams. The music isn’t especially cranked, but still a festive vibe on this floor, which like most clurbs is more laid-back than the second floor. This is where you will want to buy your drinks; upstairs is more cramped than a Tokyo hotel. Miss Whiskey’s rocks a sick beer list too. First floor con: A guy was just vomiting right in the open. Now, I enjoy partying hard as much as anyone, but this would’ve been a great opportunity for a bouncer to boot the dude. Instead, I later saw Lord Vomtangle macking on some girls. I guess Lord Vom rallied back pretty nicely in the end.

The second floor is a high-school dance mix but better, because you are allowed to drink and don’t have to chug vodka in the bathroom. DMX, Miley Cyrus, Beastie Boys. It’s an eclectic mix of tunes. This was on a Saturday though; on more low-key days I would imagine at the very least the Miley Cyrus is cut out. Also in the mix, a small patio for warmer weather and a roped off VIP area that can be rented. Second floor con: Being a music maven, I like to crank the volume. But at least on the night I visited, the sound system was trying to be something it was not. The treble was ear splitting and frankly, sounded like crap. Loud music is great, but I am not sure the PA system could support the desired decibel level. Our party could only stomach the ear bleed for 30 minute increments; my hope is this was a temporary setback, because otherwise, I was loving the dance party.

LMWGD will get more looks from me. Good rock and hip-hop combined with good beer is my idea of heaven. If it isn’t yours, I hear Gin & Tonic is great this time of year.

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