Post editorial board: No to Cali high-speed rail

The Washington Post is against the high-speed rail plan in California, specifically because it is “a stretch connecting not, say, Los Angeles and Anaheim but two obscure locations in the state’s rural Central Valley”:

We have our doubts about the ultimate feasibility of this vision, in part because in much of the country passenger rail can’t compete with car travel by interstate highways.

A different viewpoint, via The Transport Politic:

The advantage of this route is that it confirms that the rail authority’s mission really is to complete the whole project.

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3 Responses to Post editorial board: No to Cali high-speed rail

  1. amber says:

    after traveling through Asia and using it’s easy, efficient, clean, safe punctual and incredibly fast high-speed rail system (300 km/hour), I have to say America is completely behind the times by not having a HSR. I can travel across my country in hours with ease, and I’d pay any penny or tax dollar to have that in America.

  2. B-Money says:

    But what about $150 one-way tickets on the Acela to NY that still takes three hours? It’s for the rich and it STILL isn’t that fast.

  3. Justice says:

    I read all the facts on why Central Terminal should be used for High Speed Rail and I thuhgot it was very cool. The Central Terminal is made for High Speed Rail. Its time to stop using the Depew Station and use the Central Terminal.In my opinion I don’t think the Central Terminal would be good for hotel space, residential, and condos. I think the tower space should be limited to simply railroad offices of Amtrak, CSX, Conrail, etc and other businesses that could rent a floor.

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