A graphic is worth ‘a milli’ words

Very informative.

Very informative.

Update: Crack correspondent down has contributed this excellent companion chart to the original blog post.

Let’s give it up for Alicia Parlapiano.

The Washington Post graphic artist has put together a fantastic newspaper (and Web) feature in today’s paper.

Her chart, accompanying a round-up of the Consumer Electronics Show, plots the rise and fall of various technologies, from black-and-white TVs to smartphones, while also denoting the price of these products. There is TONS of information buried in this pictorial — like 10 million people still buy radios each year — and subsequently, we should toast to yes, big media, and their ability to pay talented artists.

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4 Responses to A graphic is worth ‘a milli’ words

  1. down says:

    Yeah, that’s good work. I’m curious whether the radios figure includes satellite radios, though; if so, I wonder how many of the 10 million radio units sold a year are for subscription services.

  2. down says:

    Disclaimer: this graphic is based on no empirical data and may be entirely untrue.

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