Wait, the ICC wasn’t Smart?

Prince George's County or Florida: Who can tell? From Google Maps.

Prince George's County or Florida: Who can tell? From Google Maps.

In the face of being “America in Miniature,” offering beautiful beaches, mountains and cities, the much-publicized “Smart Growth” state is anything but, according to the Baltimore Sun.

In its most comprehensive review to date, the University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth Research says development patterns, commuting times and other trends indicate that the state “has not made measurable progress toward improving its performance in many of the areas it says it cares about.”

Maryland has a lot of stalled transit projects (Purple Line, Baltimore Red Line, Corridor Cities Transitway, a billion necessary MARC improvements) yet is getting busy on the Intercounty Connector (Gaithersburg-Laurel) and new lanes on I-95 north of Baltimore. So even though on the national scale, Maryland is fairly progressive on growth issues, their current toothless law simply is not working.

The Sun hits it on the head:

Until the recent recession, Marylanders continued to drive more, and congestion and car ownership increased. Transit ridership has been higher than in most states, which the study said probably stems mostly from public investment in rail and bus networks in Baltimore and Washington that began before the Smart Growth policies took effect.

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