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Meet me halfway

One of Metro greatest criticisms is the hub-and-spoke model the system takes. A function of being both an urban subway and suburban commuter rail, a system built during a time of monocentric economic opportunities (downtown D.C.)  as well as a … Continue reading

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If you don’t get it, then get it.

I’ve been a Washington Post “Sundays only” subscriber since I graduated college. For a while I subscribed to the dead-tree edition every day, but found it overwelming and started to associate newspaper reading with a daily chore rather than a … Continue reading

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Fatboy’s take: Jan. 28, 2011

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We’re back baby! Natty Boh revival continues

National Bohemian is coming back on tap around the Baltimore area, The Sun reports. Owner Pabst Blue Ribbon announced that Natty Boh would return to the state, on tap. That makes sense, as Natty Boh’s street cred is starting to … Continue reading

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No debate — More public art in the DMV, please

In Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood, a somewhat bizarre sculpture has stirred the pot, evoking an  equal amount of praise and criticism, the Washington Post reports. “Three Eggs in Space” is a gift from a developer, required by Alexandria (great idea. … Continue reading

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Rallied out on the Metro

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, it is always interesting to see people of all stripes board our train system, take it downtown and yell about whatever particular personal affront has compelled them to travel to D.C. On … Continue reading

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Metro ridership, gas prices will go up with the temperatures

Your fearless cranktank takes a can’t-lose stab at Memorial Day, now just four months and a week away. Can’t wait. Until then…some predictions: 1. On or before Memorial Day we will read a bunch of articles and see a host … Continue reading

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