Yo Wizards and Redskins ‘fans’, go boo yourselves

–by the Squirrel Master

When the Verizon Center made the decision to show the hometown quarterback of a storied yet struggling franchise, Donovan McNabb was received at Tuesday’s Wizards-Lakers game with “a stunning amount of boos.” According to the Steinbog, some put the number of those expressing displeasure with Donnie Mac at seventy percent.

J. Michael Falgoust:

Wizards fans BOO Redskins QB Donovan McNabb TWICE when they put him on the large screens. That’s cold. (via Twitter)

Falgoust, an NBA writer for the USA Today, didn’t use the word cold because he was outside in 10 degree windchill peddling tickets on Abe Pollin Way. He used the word cold because some people in this region, claiming to be fans of hometown teams, are downright bitter. And downright ignorant.

Above: Are Washington fans any better than Philly fans?

If you’re in the camp that believes enough Lakers “fans” were at Verizon Center, and that each of these made the decision to boo a potential HOF signal caller, stop reading now.

If you’re in the camp that believes that McNabb deserves to be booed, go see a psychiatrist.

If you’re in my camp, that the vast majority of folks booing were Washington’s lobbyists and lawyers, aristocrats, and anesthesiologists, the transient wealthy who hop on the bandwagons and scorn our losers, then read on.

No sport sees such a disparity in ticket prices for opposing teams than the NBA.  This could be due to the fact that arenas for professional basketball are smaller than the other two major sports, but its also due to the fact that the NBA is a star league. Parity, in addition, has not been achieved. The upper crust of Washington pays to see the stars of the Association, yet keep Redskins Club Seats in their sport jacket pocket.

Personal note. My friend and I went to a Wizards-Grizzlies game in November. We paid 50 bucks each for tickets literally 7 rows from the floor on the baseline. For the Lakers game, I did a little research. Between Stuhub and Craigslist, we’d be lucky to get the same seats for FIVE times as much. Yes, 250 dollars for the same ticket.

As a true homer, I’d much rather watch Grevis and the Grizz than Kobe and the Champs, especially if my budget affords it.  After all, Marc and Pau look about the same after a handful of nine dollar beers.

Bottom line: We all want a winner. I’ve rationalized for the last few years using my mantra “if you experience the agony of defeat, you’ll enjoy the thrill of victory twice over.” I’m waiting.

Nevertheless, a guy like McNabb deserves all the cheers in the world. This guy had the guts to come to a sinking ship and epitomize class and moxie admist  classic Redskins QB Drama.

To all the chumps claiming to be DC sports fans that have the nerve to boo McNabb; get a life or go home to Connecticut or Florida. Better yet, go root for the Caps (ha!).

But don’t call me bitter. I’m just cold.

— Squirrel Master

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3 Responses to Yo Wizards and Redskins ‘fans’, go boo yourselves

  1. d-nice says:

    Amen, SquirrelMSTR. McNabb is a class act and a true professional; qualities that are not abundant among Redskins players, former coaches, and front office personnel (including the owner). I hope he’s here and starting under center next year because he will give the Skins the best chance to win. And I think this video of Philly fans should be posted and re-posted all over the web.

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