When in Bowie, do as the Bowians do

"So, uh, your're not a cop right?" From Wikipedia.

"So, uh, your're not a cop right?" From Wikipedia.

Washington Post writer Paul Schwartzman either coined or gathered one of the best new slang phrases in the DMV on Tuesday in his story about gathering paranoia in Prince George’s County:

…the “Prince George’s handshake.”

“You know,” Hendershot said with a throaty chuckle, “you rub each other all over and make sure there’s no one wired.”

So what are some other local daps can we work into the lexicon?

The Montgomery County hand-off: When you hand your children a high school diploma and tuition to a private college.

The Prince William County send-off: When you hand your Latino buddy deportation papers and call in ICE agents.

The Adams Morgan shakedown: When, after drinking all night at Dan’s Cafe, you and your friend buy jumbo slices and take turns feeding them to each other until someone picks a fight with you.

The Wonderland Ballroom “What’s up”: When, instead of Eskimo kissing, you rub your ironic mustache against your buddy’s ironic beard.

The Loudoun County let it rain: When you and another resident of America’s wealthiest county light hundreds of dollars on fire while driving around on six-lane highways.

The Arlington County aggressor: When you act extremely tough in Clarendon and hope your reputation makes it across the river.

The Beltway big-up: Upon seeing your friend pull up next to you on I-495, you call him without a hands-free device, text him and switch lanes at 70 mph, all simultaneously.

The D.C. departure: When your landlord hands you a rent increase and some 22-year-old from Iowa rents your old apartment for $1,700 a month.

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