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EC who? Fridge leads Maryland one last time

I was taken aback when I thought I had magically time-traveled to the Eighteenth century Caribbean. My car doesn’t have a flux-capacitator, does it? We didn’t even hit eighty-eight miles per hour! Jolly Rogers flying as far as the eye … Continue reading

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Wintry mix

Due to the slow pace of this time of year as well as some traveling and moving to a new neighborhood, DC Crank Tank will be taking it easy until Jan. 3, when I will be delivering a detailed look … Continue reading

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Go-go: The message IS the music

The much-maligned go-go genre is always fending off criticism: It’s too violent, too regional, too underground. Whatever. Can’t music just be fun to listen to? Yes. And that’s what go-go is to me — fun — the other stuff is … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill building’s mystery: A fake second floor

There has been much made of Barracks Row’s exploding restaurant scene colliding with entrenched wealthy rowhouse owners — who are none-too-pleased about people coming to their neighborhood for $12 hamburgers and $6 Yuenglings and subsequent vomiting and public urination. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part three

See parts one and two. 7. John Kelly: In case you couldn’t tell by my subjects, this is the job I want: Metro humor columnist. Too bad this position will likely be extinct in a few years, the result millions of … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part two

See parts one and three. 4. Tom Sietsema: The food critic is quick with his wit and on top of restaurant openings, chef comings and goings and hosts can’t-miss weekly chats on Wednesdays. My only complaint is that he doesn’t … Continue reading

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The 10 best Washington Post writers, part one

This list is entirely subjective and also pretty stupid. I don’t care. Walter Pincus has won a Pulitzer and I respect what he does, but don’t read everything he writes. These writers, in no particular order, I never miss…(See parts two … Continue reading

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