Terps need some assist-ance

Five wins over mid-majors and mid-minors and two losses to nationally-ranked opponents. That’s where the Maryland men’s team is at right now, heading into a match-up with Penn State on Dec. 1.

Above: Delaware State didn’t know what hit them.

Though there are still some patsies on the schedule, Maryland’s schedule will soon normalize and the team will prove itself during conference play, aka the real season. But to prepare for the ACC and teams like Villanova and Temple, the point guard play MUST improve.

The Terps are 77th nationally in assists at 15 a game. Greivis Vazquez averaged over six assists per game himself last year, of course with a whole host of turnovers. This year, playing the delicious apple pastry role is Adrian BowieTownCenter, who is managing a paltry four assists and a robust three turnovers per game.

Bowie is leading the team in turnovers; pathetically three players are tied for second-place in assists at 2.7. This is not going to cut it. Our two freshman point guards, Terrell Stoglin and Pe’Shon Howard, are simply going to have to step it up.

Stoglin so far has proved more interested in scoring, which is good, because we need that too. The problem is he isn’t doing anything else. Both he and Bowie boast similar scoring averages — Stoglin in basically half the playing time — but at least Bowie fills it up elsewhere on the sheet. This leads me to believe that we shouldn’t be counting on Stoglin to be the table-setter. If only we had a pure point guard to manage the offense and allow Stoglin and Bowie to do what they do best: Score and scrap/hustle/rebound, respectively.

Someone like…Pe’Shon Howard? I’m just not going to be satisfied until he is in the starting line-up. I have watched Adrian Bowie for three years (not a lot this year, the night shift isn’t conducive to watching college b-ball). But I know what he is: More Nate Robinson than Rajon Rondo. That’s cool, but he needs to come off the bench. We know Stoglin and Howard will find themselves with huge roles after SG Cliff Tucker and Bowie graduate in May. Why not make Howard your four-year point guard?

Statistically, he is playing as just as efficiently as Bowie, but is also more apt to pass the ball. That’s what we need. Currently the least selfish Terp on the floor is “Suga” Sean Mosley, and he doesn’t exactly have a killer handle. The answer is to give pure PG Pe’Shon 20-25 minutes a game and see if the point guard play doesn’t improve. Because it can’t get much worse than it’s going right now.

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