Hello, Detroit Lions!

Including a presumed bowl appearance, Terps fans have three games left to see one of their best players of all time.

That’s right. Torrey Smith will be going pro. He hasn’t announced it yet, but his stock has never been higher, and barring injuries, he will probably be a top-15 pick in next year’s draft. He will also probably go down as the best receiver in Maryland history, though this would be much more obvious if he played all four years. But even as a junior, he makes his mark.

Look at where he is at now, this season: 44 catches, eight touchdowns, 752 yards.

For his career: 129 catches, 15 touchdowns, 1,915 yards.

In school history, that makes him fifth in all-time catches, and last year’s performance (61 catches) gives him the fifth-most catches in a single season. He’s currently fourth in all-time receiving yards and this year has one of the highest receiving totals in a season, currently slotted at eighth. He’s also third in all-time receiving touchdowns, and one more TD will tie him for the single-season record at nine.

Despite being 7-3 and being a surprise ACC title contender, no one is going to come out and say the Maryland Terrapins are a must-watch show that is taking the D.C. area by storm. They have only beat one team with a winning record (Navy) and look like a paper tiger with their inflated record. Florida State could make us cry uncle on Saturday; so could NC State the following week.

Forget that. We have one of the best wide receivers in the country. If he was on the Redskins, Torrey Smith would be their best receiver and he would be the football story in the DMV. HE is the reason to watch this team. And if you tune in, don’t be surprised if you see him rewrite a few of the record books, too.

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