Walker’s dilemma: 3 times you should trust your feet (Part two)

Continued from yesterday’s post on common Metro mistakes I see made everyday.

1. ChinaCenter. If I see befuddled people who don’t appear like super annoying Gutmaster-5000 fannypacking tourists, I will stop and help them navigate Metro, which seems simple to me after all these years (almost seven!) of navigating the system but surely perplexes many visitors. So one time, I asked a nice couple stuck in Metro Center where they were headed. They told me they were trying to get to Chinatown because the dude’s “mom said that’s where a lot of people go.”

From Google.

From Google.

I tried to explain to the guy that he was already there, it was four blocks away, no need to wait for another train, etc. But this guy was not having it, perhaps fearful his girl would spot the Forever 21 superstore and be sucked into its casual spending time warp. Disappointed, I shooed him off to the Red Line towards Glenmont platform.

But if you are near either Metro Center or Gallery Pl-Chinatown, you are also near all five Metro lines. Just shuffle those feet a bit and you won’t need to transfer. If you are on the Blue/Orange and your destination is Chinatown, walking from Metro Center is certainly faster and better for the soul than a transfer at this zoo of a station. If you are on Green/Yellow and Macy’s is the destination, just take a walk down G Street NW.

Just remember, when it comes to Metrorail, a nice pair of sneakers and a brisk pace can be your best friend, even if the Metro map is telling you otherwise.

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3 Responses to Walker’s dilemma: 3 times you should trust your feet (Part two)

  1. carsonata says:

    The old gutmaster 5000 reference, eh? Works for me…

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