Walker’s dilemma: 3 times you should trust your feet (Part one)

There are a lot of boneheads navigating D.C., on foot, by car, by bus and by train. For those folks using the third rail, here are the three most common foolish Metro moves in D.C., and advice on how to avoid them.

Disclaimer: This does not apply to anyone who has difficulty walking and navigating the city streets. No disrespect intended.

3a/b. Traveling to Adams Morgan by way of Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan. What a poorly named Metro station. First of all, here’s a bonus tip. If you are going to the National Zoo, get off at Cleveland Park and walk south on Connecticut Ave. NW. Then when you leave go walk south again to Woodley Park. Voila! Your whole walk is downhill.

From Google Maps.

From Google Maps.

Now to the nitty-gritty. When heading to Adams Morgan, especially from anywhere on the Green Line — but also applicable to other travelers — it can be just as fast if not faster to get off at Columbia Heights and walk. You see, the Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan station is far from the heart of Adams Morgan. And it’s certainly not worth riding through the whole city to get here; either from CH or Woodley you are going to have a hike to The Reef or whatever Godforsaken place you are going.

If you are coming from Shady Grove, for sure your best bet is to get off at Woodley. But from other directions, your best bet may be Columbia Heights, which might as well be named Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant/Adams Morgan/Pleasant Plains/Chicken/Subs/Chinese/Seafood/Pizza at the rate we are going.

From Google.

From Google.

2. The deadly Farraguts. Each day I see a multitude of seemingly able-bodied people get on at Farragut West (Blue/Orange) and get off at Metro Center to presumably transfer to the Red Line. Here’s a little tip. Farragut North (Red) is just one block from Farragut West. If you are heading to the Red Line, go North of course; if you are going to Blue/Orange, West is best. Trust me, you will end up walking more through labyrinthine Metro Center during your transfer than you would just walking directly to your line.

Tomorrow: The most boneheaded Metro move, and how to avoid it.

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2 Responses to Walker’s dilemma: 3 times you should trust your feet (Part one)

  1. dnice says:

    CH/Mount Pleasant/Adams/Chicken/Subs/Huge Giant/Julias Empanadas/Overcrowded Gym/Wondertons

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