Time magazine fact check: Congressional diners

A small item from this week’s Time (aka week-old newspaper), in response to D.C. restaurants benefiting from the ol’ Dem>Repub changing of the guard.

Waiter, 'nother round of Pall Malls for me and my friends. From Wikipedia.

Waiter, 'nother round of Pall Malls for me and my friends. From Wikipedia.

Winner! Trattoria Alberto. New House Speaker John Boehner eats here so often, there’s a dish named for him …

Loser Tosca. Handmade pastas and simply grilled fish made this stylish Italian eatery a top destination for Nancy Pelosi …

This is some serious insider Washington coverage! No shoutout to the neighborhoods that house these restaurants (Trattoria Alberto is in Barracks Row; Ristorante Tosca is downtown) but it is always fun to see a neighborhood joint noted as a favorite haunt of the powerful men and women of Congress. I had always thought Trattoria Alberto was nothing more than a neon sign!

But I can only give Time partial credit. Overlooking our b-u-tiful Capitol Hill neighborhood is one thing, but Time didn’t address the most important issue of the day: How will John Boehner’s increased presence in Southeast affect the parking situation? And can he and Richard Burr carpool?

And the second-most important question: Will John Boehner, the famous chimney from Cincinnati, throw his Newport wrappers on our lawn after he buys a pack of the good stuff at 7-Eleven?
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