Barracks Row breakfasts, via Adams Morgan

During election week, a note from local homeowners was delivered to our address encouraging Barracks Row’s neighbors to protest the alcohol licenses for a Middle Eastern restaurant and sushi bar coming to 8th Street SE. The defining phrases of the letter: Threat of being “Adams-Morganed” and “Don’t let 8th Street become 18th Street NW.”

I guess it’s not just national politicians with crazy rhetoric, huh?

Well, if we are going to be “Adams Morganed” (I count five new restaurants heading our way: An oyster bar, a bar and grill, a hot dog joint and the two aforementioned restaurants) can I at least make a request? Give me a 24-hour diner or at least late night diner that serves some 6/10 breakfast. It is time both Ted’s Bulletin/Montmartre/Market Lunch get some a.m. competition and Pizza Boli’s Jumbo Slice gets some late-night neighbors.

Ted’s Bulletin is pretty new, but it is already experiencing massive waits for breakfast on weekend mornings. Montmarte’s line for brunch disrupts pedestrian traffic on 7th Street SE. Market Lunch’s can-can often snakes around a third of Eastern Market and out into the farmer’s stands. It’s time to bring The Diner, Tastee Diner or Plato’s Diner to Barracks Row. If we are going to get all these expensive and somewhat underwhelming restaurants, let’s at least get one we need.

The demand for breakfast is there. If we are going to get “Adams Morganed,” let’s at least do it right and get something out of it — a place to get an egg sandwich, burger or cup of coffee at any hour or linger with a laptop at, nursing a small coffee and a WiFi connection.

I bet the writers of that letter would LOVE this idea, but after reading their propaganda, I am convinced the “Adams Morgan”-ing of my neighborhood is inevitable at this point. The alarmism backfired, in this case.

On a slightly more serious note: Instead of protesting alcohol licenses, let’s increase the scope of government and have them vet potential restaurants in the city. Chicken/Chinese/subs/pizza/seafood joints would be exempt, of course, but if a place is serving a hamburger for more than $10 and a Yuengling for more than $5, their permits are denied. That’s some NIMBYism I can get with.

Bring on Shwarma Spot, Dan’s Cafe and Millie & Al’s. Just make sure I can get an Omelette at 3:30 a.m.

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