Maryland preview: Respect Pe’Shon

Pultizer Prize-winning writer George Dohrmann penned an amazing book — “Play Their Hearts Out” — which exposes the AAU basketball system as lower than dirt. This we already knew. But did you know one of the players he writes about glowingly is on the Terps?

The book, which is heartbreaking to read, is mainly a tale of Demetrius Walker — declared “14 and going on Lebron” at one point — and his disgusting coach Bill Keller. Here is Demetrius talking about where he is at now, sitting out this season after he transferred to New Mexico.

Not sitting out this season is one of his Demetrius’s former teammates’: Pe’Shon Howard, a 6-3 beast of a guard who went to Oak Hill and could be Maryland’s point guard of the future. Adrian Bowie is a senior, but after he is gone, Pe’Shon might get the keys. In Monday’s opener against Seattle, Pe’Shon scored five points, dished out eight assists and played 24 minutes, twice as many as Adrian Greenbelt. Yes it is Seattle, but that kind of run is encouraging, even early in the season.

Above, Pe’Shon draining jumpers in high school. Not the most thrilling mixtape…and that’s a good thing.

Maryland, which received not a single vote in the preseason Top 25 polls, has six freshman this year, but Pe’Shon stands out, both because of his amazing name and because he has lived amid the hype of AAU basketball for so long…and survived. Pe’Shon is written about in Dohrmann’s book as being tough, and generally not getting as rattled by Keller’s ridiculous antics as many of the other players that Keller coached. Sounds like a Gary Williams player to me.

Going into this season, the question on people’s mind is: Who will replace #21 in Maryland’s lineup? Technically, Pe’Shon already has: He is wearing those digits on the court this year. Perhaps Pe’Shon will replace some of Vazquez’s scoring and passing too, hopefully avoid errant kick passes and clanged runners that regularly deflated Maryland’s offense.

But right now, at 1-0 and with his whole career ahead of us, it just feels good to say Pe’Shon. Say it with me now. Pe’Shon. There, didn’t that feel good?

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5 Responses to Maryland preview: Respect Pe’Shon

  1. carsonata says:

    Pe’shon…Pe’shon…Pe’shon. Still feels kinda awkward but we’ll take your word for it.

  2. bigboy says:

    pitt-umd november 18th.

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