McNabb vs. Campbell — what’s the diff?

On Sunday, Jason Campbell’s 47-yard rainbow to Jacoby Ford set up a game-winning overtime field goal for the Raiders, who defeated the Chiefs, 23-20. A week earlier, the Redskins’ Donovan McNabb was benched during a close game against the Lions in favor of Rex Grossman, who was promptly destroyed by Detroit’s front line, the game ending in a 37-25 Washington loss.

At this point in the season, who is playing better the quarterback position better, 2010 Redskins QB Donovan McNabb or 2009 Redskins QB/2010 Raiders QB Jason Campbell?

From Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia.

Jason Campbell

Raiders’ record: 5-4

Touchdowns/interceptions: 6/4

Completion percentage: 56.5

QB rating: 82.5

Oakland team passing: 197.5 ypg, 20th in the league

Rushing yards: 101

Fumbles: 6

Sacks: 15

Donovan McNabb

From Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia.

Redskins’ record: 4-4

Touchdowns/interceptions: 7/8

Completion percentage: 57.4

QB rating: 76.0

Redskins team passing: 230.9 ypg, 14th in league

Rushing yards: 135

Fumbles: 4

Sacks: 22

Not what you expected, eh? Not a slam dunk, but most of these standard metrics favor Campbell slightly, though neither player is killing it.

Which player would you rather have next year, assuming the NFL is not on strike?

Jason Campbell

Age at beginning of 2011 season: 29

Career pass rating: 82.3

Career completion percentage: 60.8

Total sacks: 124

2010 salary: $2,864,780

Signed through 2011 season

Donovan McNabb

Age at beginning of 2011 season: 34

Career pass rating: 85.9

Career completion percentage: 58.9

Career sacks: 379

2010 salary: $12,507,280

Free agent at end of 2010 season

There many intangibles that quarterbacks bring to their teams, as well many more advanced metrics that can be used to analyze these two players’ abilities. But assuming Donovan McNabb is paid at least as much or more than Jason Campbell next season, it is really unclear if the Redskins — who are without a hot quarterback prospect waiting in the wings — are significantly better on offense than they would be if, well, Jason Campbell still ran the team and was the quarterback of the future.

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One Response to McNabb vs. Campbell — what’s the diff?

  1. OMAR says:

    I have McNabb as the 25th best QB in the league right now.
    Cambell finished 2009 as the 20th best in the NFL.

    We can debate what metrics are used to determine a player’s effectiveness, but the bottom line is that there’s very little difference between the two, if at all.

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