How DMV employers influence our lifestyles

Upon filling out some forms for a new job at my new inside-the-Beltway employer, I was presented with a pair of commuting options.

I could:

a) Pay over $1,000 a year for a parking space.


b) GET paid a few hundred dollars a year to defray Metro costs.

Not a hard decision when it is a 0-transfer ride to work and the station is a short walk from where you live. For others, the decision is assuredly more difficult.

But this is a great example of how employers can induce transit use, and still allow drivers to zoom to work if they so choose. Under this scenario, some costs of parking are passed onto drivers, making Metro more enticing. But the point is there is a choice being presented, with fiscal consequences.

And it’s certainly a pleasant change from the choice I had in the outer Maryland suburbs: Which of the hundreds of free parking spots will Itake today?

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