Entertainment options abound on MegaBummer Megabus

If, like myself, you neglect to bring a music-playing device or fail to own some sort of Facebook phone and find yourself on a four-hour Megabus ride, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself.

All of these phone commercials seem to encourage buying a new “smart phone” so you can get tons of work done. But let’s be real, these are just glorified Facebook connection devices. The two giggling gaggling girls in front of me put on quite the show, listening to Third Eye Blind and updating each other on a recently posted status update.

“My friend, Matt, he just posted that it is 63 degrees in D.C. Isn’t that crazy?”

Insane. Later one of these ladies is spotted checking a slew of international clocks. Yup, confirming that it is a different time in Shanghai, that’s called gettin’ it done on a iPhone. I can’t imagine not having that ability.

Across the aisle is the alternahipster headed back to Baltimore, complete with lip piercing. He has a laptop, some crucial phone, he’s blasting metal music. This is my man. He is above all this social networking. He’s real. He’s watching…Anime. Now he’s reading the Sun’s website. And then…three straight hours of looking at Facebook. He’s got some weird looking friends. Trust me, I watched him look at all of their photos.

Notice when I observe these people, I do not mention that they are actually typing anything (I have a great view of everything they are doing). No, they are just reading about other people. That’s called gettin’ it done on a $1000 MacBook.

But with this visual splendor in front of me, what about a soundtrack? Well, my main man at least five rows in front of me is in the mix like DJ Quicksilver. We’ve got Drake, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and it’s all so loud that I might as well just be in my car listening to WPGC. Except I wouldn’t be able to get that tinny second-hand headphone sound, which is what makes this rap mix Megawesome.

If the sights and sounds of Megabus aren’t enough to delight you, there’s always the smells of the bathroom.

You get what you pay for. $80 for two round-trip tickets versus $300-plus for ScamTrak. And next time I go to New York, I will probably make the same decision. But despite the aural pleasure of hearing Jeezy’s “Lose My Mind” for the 120th time, next time I will remember my headphones.

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4 Responses to Entertainment options abound on MegaBummer Megabus

  1. carsonata says:

    Gad, I feel like I was on the bus with ya. No movie from 1995 to watch? Go greyhound for that.

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  3. Kevin says:

    One movie from 1995 that would be great on a bus comes to mind…Keanu anyone?

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