A rapper’s list of DMV hometown nicknames

Adapted from a recent online conversation with thesnerd

I prefer Charm City, myself. From crackbillionair.wordpress.com.

I prefer Charm City, myself. From crackbillionair.wordpress.com.

Bodymore, Murdaland.The Rotten Apple. Pittsburgh, Pistolvania.

As an aspiring rapper, it is important to make your hometown seem as tough as possible. So for all you rappers coming up all over the DMV, here are some tough areas you can rep with pride. Note: Some really funny ones have been omitted due the V-Chip, recently installed on this blog by the FCC.


Glover Park: Danny Glover Park

Cleveland Park: Grover Cleveland Park

Brightwood: Frightwood, or if you just moved there, Whitewood

Petworth: Networth

Capitol Hill: Capitol Chill/Thrill/Bills

Anacostia: Ana-Boss-tia

Southwest: SouthBest

Barry Farm: Marion Barry Farm

U St-African American Memorial-Cardozo. Oops that’s an actual Metro stop name.


Montgomery Village: Montgomery Spillage

Clarksburg: Sharksburg

Riverdale: Shiverdale

Bethesda: BethVegas

Delta Delta Adelphi

Langley Park: Slangley Park

Baltimore: Harm City, or for the visually impaired, Brailtimore

Jessup, where jail is: Fessup

Laurel: Spraurel

Cottage City: Cottage Cheese City

Greenbelt/Beltsville: GreenBeltsville

Bowie: Adrian Bowie

Silver Spring: Silver Bling

Rockville: Glockville


Boyds: Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids


Smithsburg: Will Smithsburg

Dulles: Dullest

Virginia Square: Virginia is Square

Crystal City: Billy Crystal City

Loudon: Lowdown County

Prince will.i.am County

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