Redskins-Colts: Chris Collinsworth smiles upon Washington

Coming off one of the most exciting games in recent memory, here’s another juicy one for Skins fans.  Sunday Night Football.  Peyton Manning and the high-powered offense of the Indianapolis Colts comes to town.  Based on what the Redskins’ offense has showed us, this could be a high scoring “whoever-has-the-ball-last-wins” kind of game.  Or maybe that’s just my inner overly-optimistic Redskins fan-boy conscience talking.  Let’s break it down:

The Not-X Factor: Peyton Manning: We all know what Manning is capable of doing to even the best defenses and for that reason, he’s this game’s “Not-X Factor.”  He will make our secondary (currently ranked 30th in passing yards per game) look completely silly. The only sliver of hope the Skins have is in the pass rush and I don’t expect the D-line to get too much penetration on the experienced Colts O-line.

Redskins Two-Faced Offense: It seems like every game this season has been a tale of halves (or even quarters) on offense.  Which one will show up?  The Redkins have won some nailbiters this season already and it would be nice to see them put a team away comfortably.  I’m not saying it’ll happen this week … IT WOULD JUST BE NICE.

Ryan Torain: As the starting running back last week, Torain totaled 40 yards on the ground.  He’ll be the starter again on Sunday night and the Redskins will need him to be more productive.  Luckily, the Colts have allowed almost 40 more yards per game than the Packers and Torain should see more room to run.

Stephon “I am a human penalty machine” Heyer: Trent Williams was limited in practice this week, although Williams himself said he expects to be ready to go Sunday. With Dwight Freeny lining up opposite the left tackle position on Sunday, the Redskins will absolutely need Williams in there.  Williams’ backup Stephon Heyer, although much improved from last season, still has a long way to go and seems to be a penalty waiting to happen on every offensive snap.

I’ll leave you with only this:

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