Best job in Washington now open

I thought CNN has more tickers than this. From Gawker.

I thought CNN has more tickers than this. From Gawker.

Update: To all the peeps coming in from a link automatically generated at the bottom of the Post’s Rob Pegoraro and his departure letter, I don’t think the media beat at the Post is open anymore. I wrote that post like six months ago. It appears Paul Farhi has assumed that role.

Howard Kurtz, the media reporter for the Washington Post, is leaving for The Daily Beast. From one of the last great newspapers (someone should copyright this moniker) to a site that describes itself as:

Curated news aggregation plus original reporting and opinion.

Tight. So it’s like a bunch of other websites. He will be directing their Washington coverage. Interestingly, Kurtz got scooped on the story of his own hiring. Shouldn’t he have been on top of that while he’s still at The Post?

Assuming The Post puts someone new on this beat, which has infinite story ideas due to the media-dense nature of Washington, this could be one of the best job openings for a journalist in 20 years.

The meta job of covering media, reporting on reporting, is so vital right now. We need a writer to keep the media honest, but from within the media. Get it? No? Anyway…

There are other sites covering the media, mediabistro and Poynter to name a couple, but these are for wonkier types interested in the business of journalism. People from all walks of life read The Post. They will see media differently depending on what The Post’s “reporting reporter” writes. It is an influential job so necessary for The Post’s platter of daily news, to give readers a tiny window of life inside the newsroom.

I have no idea how one would obtain this job. It is likely who you know, like the majority of other jobs. But uh, Woodward, feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in yours truly.

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One Response to Best job in Washington now open

  1. carsonata says:

    The Daily Beast seems quite a few rungs lower on the journalism totem pole than, well, just about anyone else, save for TMZ. G’bye Howard, though we knew ya well, you are jumping ship for a really weird option.

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