Step into the boneheaded Arena(s)

Update: Arenas has been fined by Flip.

Gilbert Arenas faked an injury so Nick Young, the one-dimensional scorer from USC, could get some run in a preseason game.

I told him I’ll go and fake an injury or say something’s wrong with me so you can start

Doesn’t really make any sense, does it? Arenas says he will play Thursday against the Bucks.

Before last night’s game, Flip Saunders seemed duped:

His knee is acting up and is a little sore, and it looks like he’s going to sit this one out,” Saunders said.

If Gilbert really faked this injury for this reason, he should be suspended for quite a few games by Flip. Lying to your boss, affecting a team’s preparation…these are big no-nos in the business world.

But I wouldn’t rule out this scenario: Gilbert’s knee was bothering him, and merry prankster that he is, he decided to have a little fun with the explanation of the injury.

Just another distraction from the basketball equivalent of Albert Haynesworth. Either way, Flip should have some disciplining to do. Whether Gilbert lied or instead was just having fun will determine how severe that discipline should be.

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