Public supports Wizards name change to Bullets

In a highly unofficial poll, 82 percent of about 7,000 Washington Post voters said the Washington Wizards should change their name back to Bullets. New owner Ted Leonsis has hinted at the name change, too.

Wizards. That’s a terrible name. It has nothing to do with the city. And the team is for the fans, right? And if the fans want the name “Bullets,” why shouldn’t they get it?

Here is the defense for any name but Bullets. Washington still has a high crime rate, yes, but we all know things are slowly getting better. Unfortunately, the rest of the country, and world, is unaware of that.

A friend once asked me if it was safe to walk from Union Station to Eastern Market. Unless you are afraid of $25 entrees and dry cleaners every other block, I think you will be OK.

The outsiders’ perception is that D.C. is dangerous. And though the name “Bullets” is awesome — tough, badass, etc. — it would probably negatively affect national perceptions of D.C.

That’s not to say they shouldn’t change the name. But the name is more than, well, just a name.

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