Could medical marijuana save Washington newspapers?

In Colorado, Montana and California, medical marijuana dispensaries are helping boost print products’ bottom lines.

That’s amazing. This is the first silver lining story about the print media I have read, I think, ever. With medical marijuana now legal in D.C. and dispensaries on the way later, think the Washington Post will start benefiting from ads for The High-ts and Good Stuff Weedery?

Unlikely. With the feds and all our great friends, the Senators, watching over us, the medical marijuana laws in D.C. are going to be under incredible scrutiny. The dispensaries look like they will be run more like a doctor’s office and less like a head shop. The crazy stories of basically legally drugs in Boulder and Denver… people in Foggy Bottom just aren’t going to go for that. Perhaps this is for the best; but man, wouldn’t it be a nice boost for our ailing print scene if they could grab a little extra revenue?

Synthetic marijuana Spice. From Wikipedia.

Synthetic marijuana Spice. From Wikipedia.

Until it is banned in D.C., papers best chance at wacky weed-related advertisements might be for synthetic marijuana. You can already get it in Adams Morgan. Then again, here in the Cap of the free world, we are more likely to see Lockheed Martin advertisements than anything more, umm, elevated.

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