Where are they now: Caner-Medley, Adu and Neal edition

Dave Neal enjoys Ireland, maybe a little too much.

Dave Neal enjoys Ireland, maybe a little too much.

What do Nik Caner-Medley, Freddy Adu and Dave Neal have in common?

They all enjoyed spending time at University of Maryland keg parties, most notably Adu. But when the keg party was over, what came next?

Freddy Adu: The young former United phenom is now of legal drinking age. Listed as Fredua Koranteng Adu on his new team’s website, Adu plays for top-tier Greek team Aris FC.

Adu had one regular-season goal and one cup goal in his debut year with Aris, and he has represented the United States in international play. But so far, his most shining moments were a pair of five-goal seasons for D.C. United, when he was too young to drive a car. And a recent Google news search for him turns only this up: A NYT article about a nationally-televised soccer game, which recalls when Adu’s debut as a 14-year-old was broadcast on ABC, for all to see. Memories.

Nik Caner-Medley: The same grade-level as me at Maryland, the Mr. Basketball from my home state, the hilarity of yelling “I’m from Maryland and no one can beat me” when in fact he is from Maine and plenty of teams did beat him. Yes, Nik Caner-Medley has a dear place in my heart.

Caner-Medley’s size and skills as a small forward ALMOST, just almost made him an NBA player. But he has knocked on the summer league door so many times at this point, it is fair to say he probably thinks it’s locked. He’s ripped up the D-League and played all over the place in Spain, most recently for Estudiantes Madrid, where he was one of the team’s better players, averaging a 12/6.5.

Where’s he at now? According to “the Twitter” he is still “Play professional basketball in Spain.”  He is not on the Estudiantes roster for this year, and Euro ball is just starting up. Spending way too much time trying to track him down, I failed. Have to stay on his tweets (nikmed22 boiiii).

Dave Neal: After smashing Nolan Smith with a pick and hitting clutch 3s for Maryland, Dave played basketball in Northern Ireland and kept this boring-as-hell blog that still gets more traffic than mine. Initial Web search yields nothing beyond that.

Above: Dave Neal’s best sequence as a Maryland basketball player. Dare I say, the best-ever sequence BY a Maryland basketball player.

Oh, but the Twitter. In case you are wondering, nikmed22 is not following DaveNeal35. Neal seems to be back in the area and tweeting at fairly high volumes. The best clue on what he is doing:

The start of Dave Neal’s one on one basketball lessons starts today, let’s hope it takes off!

I hope screens and wide-open 3s are the primary focus.

Each one of his tweets includes his location, too. On Friday, he was in Baltimore City! In case, you know, you want to meet up with him or something.

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