Redskins-Eagles: Back to Reality

Washington Redskins fans were treated to a dose of reality last Sunday when the Skins lost to the paltry St. Louis Rams.  For whatever reason, the Skins have had a tendency to give up wins to teams with lengthy losing streaks (see the 2009 Detroit Lions).  With low expectations in mind, let’s look ahead to the Eagles.

Michael Vick: The match-up of Vick vs. the Skins defense will be a key element to this game.  Most “pundits” (‘bamas on the radio) postulate that if you can keep Vick contained in the pocket and force him to beat you with his arm, you have a better chance of beating him.  The statistics, however, tell a different story.  Vick’s 110.9 passer rating is second only to Peyton Manning and he’s thrown for 6 TDs and 0 INTs.  Compare that to McNabb’s 2 TDs-1 INT ratio.  The real key here is whether Vick will have a “come-back-to-reality” type of game.  If he does, the Skins have a chance.  If not (and against this porous secondary this is the more likely scenario), it won’t be pretty.

Redskins Offense: Can they play at a consistently high level?  The first half of the Texans game (week 2) looked like an offensive clinic.  Game ends in a loss.  During the second quarter against the Rams, the team looked to be back on track.  Loss.  When will this offense get it together?

Philly Fans (McNabb’s Mental Game): Will Philadelphia fans embrace their former QB graciously or will they give him the standard Philly welcome, as they did when he was drafted?

McNabb will need to be mentally ready to play his best on Sunday.  An early score will be highly valued to keep these “smart” fans at bay.  Side note: I was going to include a few links to YouTube videos of Eagles fans doing stupid/embarrassing things, but all one needs to do is search for “Eagles fans” and click through the first 15 videos. Just too easy.

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