Torrey Smith the key for Terps against next eight opponents

The Washington Post had a nice piece about Maryland kick returner Tony Logan this morning. The Sun also gives him some inches at the bottom of  an notebook. But that’s only because news organizations think it would be boring to write a feature about Torrey Smith every week.

Torrey Smith is the best reason to watch Maryland football. From Wikipedia.

Torrey Smith is the best reason to watch Maryland football. From Wikipedia.

But why shouldn’t they? Fans know him as by far the most exciting player on team (Da’Rel Scott has looked like Clinton Portis one week and Chris Johnson the next), opposing teams know him as someone who will pick on their CBs and pro teams know him as a big prospect.

All of the above is well deserved. The most lauded WR from Maryland in recent years was Darrius Heyward-Bey. Last year Smith caught more passes and gained more yards than Bey ever did in a season at Maryland. Only Vernon Davis’s 6-TD 2005 season exceeds what Smith did last year. For now. If anyone is capable of grabbing 1,000 yards behind inexperienced QBs, well, he’s lining up wide right.

The Terps play Duke tomorrow, and in chatting with a Duke fan, we agreed Duke is better than it was during it’s darkest years. But Duke has allowed 44.5 points a game, including 27 in its lone win over Elon. Meanwhile Maryland allowed 28 to FIU last week. High-scoring shootout? Advantage goes to Torrey Smith.

It only somewhat matters who is throwing him the ball. Freshman Danny O’Brien is a better passer, and will give Smith more short tosses, but even the more mobile Jammarr Robinson has delivered long TD tosses to Mr. Smith, who should come down with over 100 yards again, and unless injury stifles him, put together one of the best wideout seasons in the NCAA this year.

There are other bright spots on the team for sure: LB Alex Wujciak (The Jackhammer) can stop the run well and plays a fierce brand of football; Adrian Moten is just as skilled, but perhaps even more so on coverage. Adrian Cannon has shown himself to be versatile playmaker. We can’t forget about our rushing attack. Scott and Davin Meggette have generally been impressive together.

But until someone proves otherwise, Torrey Smith is the player to watch. Against Duke, and everybody else.

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