Where is my BikeShare station?

Myself and thousands of other people unwilling to become early adopters will probably wait out the Capital Bikeshare launch to see its utility in action.

From Capital Bikeshare.

From Capital Bikeshare.

My home station, at Eastern Market Metro, has yet to be installed. I have faith it is coming. And, as I explained earlier to the 1.5 of you that read an earlier piece, it is as yet unclear how useful the first 100+ stations would be to my current living/working/chilling situation. But the first step is to see the bike station in front of me, in action. I suspect this is the same for many others, who are excited but still skeptical. We are in America, after all, not Holland.

I scoped one out of the stations on 16th and Harvard NW yesterday; it was pretty slick. But there were no bikes in it and nothing was functional yet. And I have not seen anyone riding a Bikeshare bike in my journeys across el ciudad.

Making the bicycle a reasonable transportation option is going to be a long, probably painful process, even in progressive D.C. A microcosm of this battle can be seen in the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. NW, which some say should be scrapped because they aren’t attracting enough riders, among other reasons.

The same will be said of Capital Bikeshare for the next one, two, maybe five years. New transportation options need to be ingrained in our society for quite a while before we can judge their success. So let’s take a deep breath, and see how it all works out. This is a new idea for America, and D.C. is the pioneer here. Isn’t that exciting?

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