Blatche: ‘I’m pretty smart with money.’ Umm, what?

Blatche's wallett was once washed up. From Wikipedia.

Blatche's wallett was once washed up. From Wikipedia.

Andray Blatche, the versatile Wizards big man coming off a career year, just resigned with the Wiz through 2015.

If last year was any indication of his potential, this is a good basketball move for D.C. The contract, which works out to about $7 million a year, was also notably negotiated without an agent. That’s fine. But Andray, it’s time to splurge on a manager or PR person.

From the excellent reporter Michael Lee’s article, Blatch had this to say about the signing:

“I’m pretty smart with my money, but we did something that made sense”

Which one of the following things says “fiscally responsible?”

He has been arrested for soliciting prostitutes and a multitude of driving violations; not exactly the way to preserve your investment, which as a basketball player, is your body.

In the same vein, he broke his foot playing ball at Barry Farm, one of D.C.’s most famous bball venues. Probably shouldn’t be playing on a CONCRETE court when you are worth millions. Ever heard of Patriots running back Robert Edwards’ little foray into beach football?

He was shot in an attempted carjacking. An extremely blunt Ivan Carter blog entry from three years ago sums the incident up as this:

Some crafty females suckered him and Peter John Ramos into getting jacked by two thugs in the early morning hours. Dre lived after getting shot but it’s hard to tell whether he’s really learned anything

In the same entry, the ultimate reveal of how good with money he really is:

I heard from a good source that the kid was sleeping at Verizon Center for several nights as rookie because he couldn’t pay rent

Dude, I know people that make under $30,000 a year that can pay their rent in D.C. Surprise me with your jump shot. Make my blood boil by calling Kevin Garnett washed up. Prove everyone wrong that says you are a knucklehead.

But don’t make almost a miliey as a rookie, spend money on prostitutes and have trouble paying your rent, then sign a $35M contract and tell me you are good with your money. That’s like me writing 400 words about Andray Blatche, then saying how good I am at writing about important issues.

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