Wale’s greatest hits

Since crack Redskins columnist denistheruski is so confident in his team’s ability to beat the Rams this weekend that he didn’t feel the need to write anything, let’s go with something fun this weekend: A chronological “best of” playlist from our hometown star, Wale. All head-nodders; if you want to slow it down, wait for the Raheem DeVaughn edition.

6. Let’s start off with “Dig Dug,” the song that started it all for the Largo MC, off of “Paint a Picture.” This track oozes go-go funk, even with its synthetic drums.

5. “Ice Cream Girl” off of “100 Miles And Running” continues the crank, this time courtesy of Best Kept Secret, perhaps the District’s best-known production team.

4. On “Mixtape About Nothing,” Wale started to attract some of my favorite rappers as his guests. Bun B and Pusha T? Hell yeah! “The Feature Heavy Song” is an A-list of technically proficient rappers from south of the Mason-Dixon.

3. “Sweatin Out Weaves” off “Back to the Feature” is one of the most creative hip-hop/go-go tracks I have heard in years. Plus, gotta show some love for UCB.

2. Ahhh the major-label release “Attention Deficit.” I have major mixed feelings about this disc, but “Triumph” is a fantastic album opener and one of Wale’s more confident, authoritative performances.

1. “More About Nothing” has its moments, but I certainly don’t appreciate having to skip around so much to keep the party going. Maybe I just should just leave “The Soup” on the burner.

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One Response to Wale’s greatest hits

  1. Ksusha says:

    Hey wassup world..im just a rppaer out of lake worth florida trying to spread his name..give my new channel and song im next a look if u want..thanks for your time

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