Terps take on FIU brawlers in trap game

The biggest news this week is that Maryland football will play Texas in a pair of games in 2017 and 2018. Coming on the heels of a game against Notre Dame in 2011, this portends an a higher-profile schedule for the Terps. Assuredly, this is a good thing.

Above: This video is the most riveting this FIU has ever done.

Lesser news: Maryland’s game versus Florida International this weekend. FIU is 0-2 and is best known for brawling with Miami a few years ago. Furthermore, Maryland doesn’t have much to gain by throttling the Golden Panthers. A win does nothing for the Terps, a loss spirals them into another terrible season. At least it’s a home game; but Fridge, why schedule this? Losses to Middle Tennessee weren’t enough for ya?

Though no one will be watching, the Terps still have kinks to work out against FIU and their next opponent, Duke. The biggest problem right now is at quarterback. Except for throwing bombs to Torrey Smith, Jamarr Robinson has shown himself incapable of completing as much as a a 10-yard hook route. The loss to WVU last week looked closer than it was; throw out 20 seconds of Smith streaking down the field, and the score is 31-3.

That’s some serious cherry-picking on my part, but long scoring drives make fans more confident than seemingly random chucks. On the other hand, it is good to see Smith getting some attention; he needs to put up big numbers this year in order to get drafted by the Raiders two rounds too early next year.

Robinson also had problems dealing with a rough crowd at WVU; I really liked those consecutive delay-of-game penalties early on. Luckily, you will be able to hear a pin drop at Byrd Stadium tomorrow.

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