LaVar Arrington questions Shanahan, takes perspective of belligerent fans

I’ll keep this quick. Blowing up LaVar Arrington’s argument should be easier than making fun of the Green Line in a Remy rap video. I hope FJM-ing him does not become a weekly occurrence.

Yesterday, Arrington wrote, well, a bunch of inflammatory stuff at his gig for The Washington Post. Since I don’t listen to sports radio, I had not yet been exposed to his “opinions” and “journalism.” It’s a surprise one of the country’s best papers is letting this stuff run alongside the awesome writing of Thomas Boswell.

LaVar, on the topic of Larry Johnson getting cut:

You cut Larry Johnson after five carries for Chad Simpson, who was cut by one of the worst teams in the NFL?

Dude, did you see that horizontal run Johnson had on Sunday? It was one of the worst rushing attempts I have ever seen. I knew he was going to be cut as soon as I saw that 10-YARD LOSS. I really wish I had a video of it, it was so awful.

Furthermore, big name players get cut or traded all the time in the NFL. The contracts aren’t guaranteed like they are in the NBA. The Redskins have someone cut from the Raiders playing cornerback in D’Angelo Hall. The Patriots just traded Laurence Maroney for a pick, then Kevin Faulk got injured and is out for the season, leaving the Patriots thin at halfback. Under Arrington’s logic, shouldn’t Drew Bledsoe or some other ex-Pat be calling for Bill Belichick’s head right now or something?

And diamonds can’t be found on rough teams? Arian Foster was not drafted. He is a great running back. At one point, someone wondered why HE was getting a chance. But the Texans saw something other people didn’t, and now they look smart. There are literally 1000s of similar NFL stories.

Back to Lavar:

I have a very difficult time believing that five carries over two games were enough to conclude that Mr Johnson didn’t fit in the scheme.

You just said that. I just said this: He looked terrible. If Roger Clemens tries a comeback for the Nats this week and lets up 10 runs without getting an out, the Nats would cut him. Experiments do not last forever. When Arrington was playing for the Skins, Larry Johnson was someone to fear. That was years ago, when “crunk” was a new form of music.

Back to his Arr-ness:

This move makes me wonder if we really brought in the engineer of those Super Bowls in Denver or another ticket-seller like Steve Spurier or, you guessed it, Joe Gibbs his second time around?

The whole point of having an athlete make a transition to being a journalist is to give us a new perspective, not emulate the mind of disgruntled fans. 1-1, with a win over the ‘Boys and a close loss to the Texans, is not the end of the world. Cutting Larry Johnson is not going to make this team as bad the Spurrier-coached “Well our punter had a good game” teams. No one should be surprised if Portis gets cut at some point if his legs still look like they belong to Seabiscuit’s corpse.

Anything else, LaVar?

I’m just asking, does this guy still have it or is he just another on a long list of coaches who came back to make a couple dollars and position his son to be a head coach?

I’m just asking, does LaVar Arrington have any of the skills necessary to be a print and online journalist or is he just on a long list of ex-players who are working in the media to make a couple dollars and stay relevant?

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