Shakespeare Theatre’s ‘Young Theatre Goer Discount’

The Shakespeare Theatre is offering one of the best deals I have ever heard of.  As a part of their “Young Theatre Goers Discount,” they offer a full year’s subscription to all patrons under 35 for only $20 per ticket.  That’s 6 shows for $120.  For those patrons who are over 35 years old, this same package costs around $800.  That’s a savings of just under 70%.  This is especially great because the Shakespeare Theatre is seriously one of the premier venues in the United States to see Shakespeare.  I can honestly say that I will buy a subscription to the theatre every year until I’m 35.

Indeeeeeeed. From The Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Indeeeeeeed. From The Shakespeare Theatre Company.

I started this year: I bought 2 front-row mezzanine aisle seats for Friday night, Premier Week performances for only $240.  Last Friday, I saw an excellent production of All’s Well That Ends Well starring 4-time Academy Award nominee Marsha Mason.  Where else can you go to see Shakespeare performances of this caliber for so cheap?

So if you are under 35 and into theatre or Shakespeare, do yourself a favor and go grab up one of these season subscriptions.

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