Skins-Texans: Optimism knows no bounds

Another Texas team comes to D.C. this weekend to do battle on the gridiron.  I’m going to ignore all off-field controversies this week (and there were a few).  Let’s just talk about the football.  Here are key things to watch for in this Sundays Redskins-Texans game.

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Skins Passing Game: Look for the aerial attack to flourish this Sunday, given the following:

  1. Kyle Shanahan spent two years as offensive coordinator of the Texans and should have insight into their defensive schemes.
  2. The Texans’ secondary was dreadful last week, allowing 419 passing yards.  That’s tied for worst passing defense week 1 with the Lions (yikes!).  Granted, it was to the Colts, and just one game, but their passing defense has ranked 18th, 17th, and 25th in the previous 3 seasons (2009, 2008, 2007 respectively); look for this trend to continue.

The Skins will look to get Fred Davis and Malcolm Kelly more involved in the offense this week.  For both of these guys, that means they should catch at least one ball.

Texans Ground Game: Week 1, the Texans were able to rush for a league-best 257 yds and 3 TDs against the Colts.  The Skins were able to hold Dallas to 103 yds with 0 TDs on the ground.  This will be another tough test for the Skins front 7 who will need to keep the game close and keep time of possession in their favor to put the offense in a position to win the game.  And speaking of game-winning offense …

Skins (In)ability to Score on Offense: For the last couple of seasons, it seems as if the Skins offense has been allergic to the endzone.  In 2008 and 2009, they ranked 28th and 26th in points per game, respectively.  Even with a new scheme and new personnel in key offensive positions, the Skins did little to alleviate those concerns last week against Dallas, mustering up just two field goals (the one touchdown came on a defensive play).

Final Prediction: Skins will edge this game out 20-17.  McNabb will have a monster passing day with 300 yds and two TDs (hey, for this team, that’s a monster day).

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