We get it, Adrian Fenty is aloof

This excellent piece about what went wrong in Adrian Fenty’s reelection campaign (umm, a lot) refers to the soon-to-be ex-mayor as, for the umpteenth time, aloof.

As the 2010 Democratic primary campaign arrived, the mayor’s instinct told him that his accomplishments would far outweigh complaints that he seemed aloof and uncaring

A June editorial:

We understand that Mr. Fenty’s determination to shake up the status quo was bound to provoke antagonism. But you don’t have to be aloof or highhanded to move fast.

A June column by Robert McCartney:

Ideally, Fenty should show he can shed the aloof, dismissive style that’s surprised and alienated voters.

I could go on. The search string for “aloof adrian fenty washington post” has almost 3 million results. Yow!

According to a dictionary that asked to remain anonymous so as not to hurt Fenty’s feelings, this is the definition for aloof:

  1. At a distance, esp. in feeling or interest; apart.
  2. Reserved or reticent; indifferent; disinterested.

Yeah, I guess that sounds about right. I don’t believe the word “jerk” is in the Post’s stylebook.

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