Terps need to come up big against MSU to avoid another 2-10 debacle

Update: If you want to watch this could-be snoozer, go to Espn3.com.

Maryland is heavily favored against Morgan State for Saturday’s 6 p.m. tune up. Navy was favored to beat the Terps this past Monday; Maryland won, 17-14.

Who to believe? It would be tough for anyone to side with Morgan State going into this one, even though Maryland dropped one to Middle Tennessee last year around the same time this year. Oh, and the year before. Could this be the upset special? Certainly not inconceivable.

But it’s doubtful. Fridge has said we will see a rotating cast of quarterbacks, and after his 6-yard game on Monday, I predict they will be throwing the ball to Torrey Smith. A lot. If he and Maryland are going to break out offensively, there will be no better chance than against Morgan State, which beat our close neighbor, Bowie State last weekend.

One of the options on the Post’s poll for who should play QB today is “Sure, let them all play. It’s only Morgan State, after all.” That’s dangerous thinking. The Terps can manage an upset or two this season, Navy already being one of them. But more important is beating teams Maryland is heavily favored against. A loss to MSU will make 2010 seem a lot like 2009. And nobody wants that, especially with West Virginia looming ahead.

A close win isn’t going to cut it here. This week, the Terps need to make that Vegas line a reality.

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