Fans snooze, Terps win, Smith on pace for 72 receiving yards

Being a blogger and eating your words is fine. I thought Maryland would lose to Navy; they won. That’s great. I would rather be pleasantly than unpleasantly surprised.

But man, what an odd game. Was Maryland stooping to Navy’s run-heavy level when quarterback Jamarr Robinson amassed 11 total passing yards? Or is this what we can expect from a team that has an unproven arm and a three-headed rushing attack consisting of Robinson (92 yards), Davin Meggett (105 yards, TD) and Da’Rel Scott (58 yards, TD)?

If the Terps are going to add the forward pass to their repertoire, their best and perhaps last chance to fiddle with it will come against Morgan State next week. By the time Maryland meets No. 25 West Virginia the week after, the Terps will need to have defined themselves as a team. No more time for experimentation.

The person whose future rides most on the team’s offensive path is actually not embattled coach Ralph Friedgen, but instead pro prospect wide receiver Torrey Smith. I don’t think one catch from 6 yards is really what he had in mind against the Mids. The guy is an exciting playmaker. Will he have a chance to make plays?

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