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Living in D.C.: Life’s little victories, Vol. 1

Partisan rancor, jerks biking, driving and walking, mayoral elections, and crime, oh so much crime. Enough! How about some stuff to be thankful for this Thursday. Here are some events that, though rare, can turn a bad day into a … Continue reading

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Where is my BikeShare station?

Myself and thousands of other people unwilling to become early adopters will probably wait out the Capital Bikeshare launch to see its utility in action. My home station, at Eastern Market Metro, has yet to be installed. I have faith … Continue reading

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Abandoned bikes in D.C. I take it all back

Two weeks ago, a mangled bike outside my house was tagged as “abandonded.” I interpreted that as abandoned. The city said within 10 days the bike would be removed. Well, it’s still there. Considering it took two weeks to get … Continue reading

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An error in the Washington Post, a recognition for editors

Despite being from Generation “Y do I have to get a job and pay rent?” and working with the Internet every day, the print paper is something I will read until the economy wrests the medium away from me. Until … Continue reading

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Metro moving away from escalators on new entrances

The Metro system’s broken escalators are a constant source of consternation in the DMV. The issue is certainly a top 10 among rider’s many sources of complaints. A man even died walking up a broken escalator in Bethesda years ago. … Continue reading

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Blatche: ‘I’m pretty smart with money.’ Umm, what?

Andray Blatche, the versatile Wizards big man coming off a career year, just resigned with the Wiz through 2015. If last year was any indication of his potential, this is a good basketball move for D.C. The contract, which works … Continue reading

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Wale’s greatest hits

Since crack Redskins columnist denistheruski is so confident in his team’s ability to beat the Rams this weekend that he didn’t feel the need to write anything, let’s go with something fun this weekend: A chronological “best of” playlist from … Continue reading

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