Metro’s Green Line proven unsafe

The killing fields of Greenbelt Station. From Wikipedia.

The killing fields of Greenbelt Station. From Wikipedia.

In a story reported around D.C. blogs earlier this week, a Tea Party advocate who lives in D.C. posted his advice to visitors from out of town attending Glenn Beck’s rally on the Mall. The story is best viewed on DCist, where the original author of this advice whooped on the commentariat for ridiculing his advice, which included avoiding the Green and Yellow Lines, and staying in Northwest neighborhoods west of 14th and 16th streets.

Despite DCist not being a partisan website of any sort — though if we are truthful,  most of its readers likely lean liberal — this author, self-identified as Bruce P. Majors, took commenters right to the cleaners with asides like:

This form of retardation is why you silly b!tches are being flushed in the polls.

One again you show us what idiots you Demwits be. One reason your candidates are headed for the toilet and some of you on House Committee staffs will soon be out of work .

Chuckle if you want at the typos people; the man is a prophet. Just last night two men were injured in an assault on the Green Line. And if that isolated incident doesn’t prove rail lines used by well over 100,000 people a day are unsafe, I don’t know what will.

Wise ones, please heed his further advice in the comments thread:

Well, the red line is shutting down for most of the next weekend because it has been condemned as unsafe. So you socialists don’t have much to show for yourselves do you?

The Red Line will be operating as usual this weekend — though Glenmont to Takoma will be closed over Labor Day weekend — but if this man’s foresight is any indicator, there is the potential for delays or worse, like maybe garbled station announcements.

I’ll be taking the Blue/Orange to Federal Center SW, getting off and walking AROUND L’Enfant Plaza (to avoid getting anywhere near the Green/Yellow Lines) to Smithsonian from now on.

You know, gotta stay safe.

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