For sale: College degree. Must ride Metro. Cheap!

Oh Graduate School, I thought you had really done it after viewing an advertisement depicting the most fake text message ever. Now, you’ve entered a new contender for the throne. Which is worse? Judge for yourself:

You did an outstanding job on the project. You told your boss it was a “piece of cake.”

You’re going to be having a lot of cake.

And presumably eating it too! Now visualize (perhaps the same one as noted previously) an attractive girl holding a piece of cake and maybe a URL and some other GS propaganda.

This doesn’t make you want to go to college? It’s cake man! You will be getting “a lot” of it! Fine. Then what about this? (If you don’t watch all 30 seconds of this Stratford University ad you are really cheating yourself).

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5 Responses to For sale: College degree. Must ride Metro. Cheap!

  1. down says:

    The narrator sounds like a dude who is mocking voice-over narration.

  2. carsonata says:

    Umm, are they kidding. It’s a bad spoof of a bad spoof and surprisingly, does not make you want to enroll at S.U. even though the guy says furiously, it’s fantastic!

  3. B-Money says:

    My personal favorite is when he spits the one guy’s food out, but that’s just me.

    • carsonata says:

      No, you’re right, that is the highlight. And it’s such a sophisticated way to advertise your establishment. Ach-ptooie!

  4. endogg says:

    I’m a sucker for the “It’s fantastic!” part. Also that he has a weird half-British accent thing.

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