What the hell are you talking about throwback: Ja Rule. Plus two hot tracks

"Nah son, I need a bigger coat for this picture." From Wikipedia.

"Nah son, I need a bigger coat for this picture." From Wikipedia.

Ahh, the days of Ja Rule’s radio dominance. Ja and Ashanti, the Bonnie and Clyde of rap. Today, most of the younger generation will discover him in the form of featured appearanced on actually talented artists’ records. In other words, I doubt “Venni Vetti Vecci” is pushing a Pink Floyd album of Billboard’s catalog charts.

One of his most prominent guest appearances comes on Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A…”

This joint also features Amil, one of the least talented people to ever appear appear on my stero. But Ja Rule steals the show with this gem:

It ain’t even a question/How my dough flow?

Let’s look past the lack of verbage here for a second and concentrate on the meat of the matter. First he says, “I’m not about to ask a question.” Then, he asks a question. Gotta give it to him, Rule is not stubborn.

“It ain’t even a question.” Yes, yes it is a question. This lyric has annoyed me for at least eight years. Now it can annoying.

Now that I’ve made us all dumber, let’s at least toss a couple hot tracks out there for your listening pleasure, one from the Steel City and one from our backyard.

16-bit Khalifa

If you played too much Super Nintendo, you will recognize this Chrono Trigger sample immediately. Damn, why didn’t I think of that? This joint seriously cranks, but brace yourself for tons of marijuana-associated lyrics, like most of the rest of his latest, “Kush and Orange Juice.” Grab it here.

And don’t put ’em down

For my money, X.O. is the grittiest DMV rapper. If you are in a gray Mobb Deep/Illmatic mood, Georgia Ave.’s finest will likely fit the bill. “Hands Up” is a bit of a throwback jam from last year’s RealMATIC, but it’s still fresh to way too many people; this dude is worth a listen and is talented enough to blow. You can grab it here. Download local, people.

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