“He writes, she’s still learnin'”

Poetry? Chorus to an old Bobby Brown song?

Hey found something cool n new

2do @night, learnin a lot, u shud come next time.

Can’t wait 2 tell u more.

This Graduate School advertisement, which shows an attractive young woman (of course) macking on her cell phone, was spotted on the Red Line to Shady Grove. It seems to appeal to people who don’t even have the correct texting shorthand down or future students unconcerned with spelling. I can’t tell which.

Reminds me of another for-profit TV advertisement. The example character boasts, “I was never really good at school,” before explaining how successful he is. Interesting tactic eh? Same for Graduate School, which may just be  for people that were “never really good at texting.”

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One Response to “He writes, she’s still learnin'”

  1. dnice says:

    Great quote from a great movie:

    “See, they got married, and the cops found out, and, well, you know cops. That kinda ended it. They still write, though. Well, he writes. She’s still learnin’. Ah, it’s no big deal, you know, it’s over. He’s not allowed into Mississippi anymore, and she wanted to raise the kid there, and, uh, between you and me, I think that’s for the best. “

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