Sensational six DMV slang stars

When you live in an area long enough, you will start picking up, then using profusely, the area’s slang. Why not just a few days ago I met someone who grew up in New England that speaks like a Texan after one year of law school in Texas. Amazing! D.C. has some nice slang that from this perspective, is unique to the way we speak.*

*Note: This is stuff I picked up here. It could have originated somewhere else, I really don’t care. It was new to me.

My favorites:

Bama: An insulting term for uncivilized people who came from Down South, say…Alabama. Use has since expanded to anyone that looks or acts dorky. No hate for the South, but Bama is a pretty great way to say someone sucks.

King of crank, Godfather of go-go, Chuck Brown. From Wikipedia.

King of crank, Godfather of go-go, Chuck Brown. From Wikipedia.

Crank: Not only is crank 5/11 of this blog’s name, but it also reps our homegrown go-go music as well as being a descriptor for banging tunes. The Urban Dictionary doesn’t touch either of these aspects, so this word’s inclusion even more justified. That crank cranks, son!

Crucial: That blog is crucial! That writer is CRUCIAL! Adam Dunn is crucial, for sure. Not as crucial, Andray Blatche. Amsterdam Falafel certainly is crucial; Jumbo Slice is anything but crucial. DC Crank Tank, also crucial. World Wide Wilbon, significantly less crucial.

Joint/Jaunt/Jant/Jon’/etc: Urban Dictionary kind of respects jant, joint’s definition is more drug-related. Nah, in D.C., a joint is ANYTHING. That joint over there, that jon’ over there, that jant cranks, etc. Fantastic word to fall back on after an hour at The Raven when more complex nouns evade you. Though I did notice Little Brother is talking about their “brand-new jaunt” on Leftback. Maybe it crept down to N.C.?

It’s straight: Ah yes. Car broke down? It’s straight. Worried about your job? It’s straight. Want another falafel? Nah, I’m straight (this would never actually happen). My love for the word more stems from its attitude than its usage. If everything is straight, life’s little annoyances are much less of a problem than if they weren’t straight, are they not?

Trying to: Trying to try? Trying to do something is perfect for young people. It doesn’t mean you are ACTUALLY going to do anything, just that you are trying to do it. If you fail at accomplishing something, you don’t need to feel bad, you were only making an attempt. And of course trying to try allows even more room for failure.

Trying to try to write a lot of lists because it’s really easy stuff to try to write? It’ll be crucial!

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5 Responses to Sensational six DMV slang stars

  1. down says:

    You’re gonna have to put this joint in a top ten list if you ever want to end up on the Yahoo! homepage. Bama.

  2. carsonata says:

    B-Money: your hometown entry? Wicked (good).
    This pie is wicked good.

  3. John Everett says:

    B Money, I am straight with that!

  4. B-Money says:

    Jeesum crow? Stahms a acoming?

  5. thesnerd says:

    Stole-a landed punch; He stole your jaw
    Young-a person; What up young?

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