The Georgetown Cupcake-ification of The Tune Inn

The Tune Inn, on the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE,  is a fantastic Capitol Hill bar, maybe the best. Greasy, but fantastic food, pitchers of beer and divey decor complete the scene, which is generally stocked with middle-aged drunks and political graf in the bathroom. Plus, food is served past midnight.

So what’s the problem? Perhaps you’ve heard of Guy Fieri, the annoying and ridiculous-looking host of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” the addictive Food Network show that will inspire a hunger in the most bloated diner.

"I'd like to announce I have come to ruin your favorite dive bar by introducing it to exactly the type of people you go here to avoid." From Wikipedia.

"I'd like to announce I have come to ruin your favorite dive bar by introducing it to exactly the type of people you go here to avoid." From Wikipedia.

Well, blondie visited The Tune Inn in the spring, and the night bartender who served me  many a gravy fry told me Sunday the episode is set to run in September. In support of this national exposure, the floor has been redone and the menu has been changed. The new dossier has a bunch of new Outback-style dishes (Beer-battered burger), a polished look with pictures of the food (the previous menu was a laminated, stained piece of paper) and Guy Fieri’s favorites noted. The bartender definitely tossed around the words “Applebee’s” and “dollar signs.”

The good news: The food is still good. The new French Dip was keeping it good and greasy at only $8, and the stalwart Patty Melt keeps trucking. The bad news: Natty Boh and Busch have been replaced on tap by more mainstream brews and only PBR is holding down the garbage beer scene. Worse, a pitcher of PBR is $13.

The bartender noted his worry the bar would lose its boozy scene and begin catering to tourists, like this wretched cupcake business in G-Town and Ben’s Chili Bowl. The jury will be out until the September run on the Food Network. If you want to keep the grease to yourself, you only have a few days of privacy. Oh, and that $20 might not be enough for the night anymore.

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8 Responses to The Georgetown Cupcake-ification of The Tune Inn

  1. carsonata says:

    It’s a blessing! NO! It’s a curse! What it is, is just that sunburned guy from the food network saying “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” the EXACT same way every time. Dang that french dip sounds mighty fine. But the gentrification of DC marches on, n’est-ce pas?

    • B-Money says:

      I wouldn’t call this gentrification. Seems more like a money grab to me; the place is still pretty filthy. It’s like an exhibit from a museum, “And you here you can see what a dive bar is like.”

  2. Emily says:

    i think the old menu wasn’t even laminated. it was cardstock though. luckily the patty melt seems to have come out unscathed.

    • down says:

      Ohhhh, just you wait, Buster. First it’s the menu, then it’s the cheap(ly made) beer. Next thing you know, you order a patty melt, you get a wild boar burger on brioche with Rochefort cheese, and to top it off, there’s not a scrap a’ okra in sight! I saw it comin’, though. As soon as I saw those cardstock menus, I knew that place was puttin’ on airs.

  3. endogg says:

    I mean I don’t really blame them. They want money and this is a pretty good way to get more of it.

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