Snapshot: Midtown Lounge

Hipster warning: If you’re not a fan of Da Club, don’t come here.  Not even ironically.

Midtown Lounging

Yea, this about captures it. From Sweet Dreams Studio.

I had the pleasure of checking out the Midtown Lounge at 1219 Connecticut Ave. NW during a friend’s birthday part on Friday night.

Here’s my thing with the club scene, it’s like dessert.  Indulging every once in a while can’t hurt but if go too much it might rot your soul, not to mention your pocket book.

Midtown Lounge suffers from all the ills of your stereotypical club.  Over priced drinks ($10 for a Jack and coke), nasty bouncers that do everything within their power to ignore you at the door (even if you’re on the guest list!), and bloated, cantankerous D-bags at every corner.

Feminists will be pleased to know that to the right of the second-floor dance floor is a slender, rectangular stage complete with stripper poles.  In addition, female bartenders dress like they’re ready to start their day at Brazzers.

But by far the worst offense committed was the choice of DJ.  This genius’s playlist sounded like one of those infomercial CDs they used to sell during Sportscenter (Get Cool Beats 2004 NOW!).

A few of the tracks I heard: Baby got Back by Sir Mix A Lot, What’s Your Fantasy by Ludacris and Just a Friend by Biz Markie.  These songs are played out, even in a hey-remember-this-song-used-to-be-really-popular kind of way.  Seriously D.C. can we not muster some decent DJs?

I understand you have to throw some crowd pleasers in there (plenty of Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Justin Timberlake’s latest) but surprise me.  Spin something I’ve never heard of.  Something that you absolutely MUST dance to.  Or, at the very least, play some local tunes.

B-money is doing his damnedest to let people know about D.C.’s hip-hop scene but he can’t do it alone.  What I want to know from you readers is where, where are the DJs?  Tell me and I’ll go. I like to dance.  I don’t mind getting dressed up.  The least a club can do is get a DJ who will not bore me with the banality of his stock playlist.

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2 Responses to Snapshot: Midtown Lounge

  1. B-Money says:

    This sounds great and awful at the same time. What would you say minimum amount of lubrication someone like myself would need before entering this club?

  2. Amber says:

    I love 18th Street Lounge’s DJs. They are better during the week nights (early in the week, like Monday or Tuesday) than weekends.

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