Can I get some clarity please?

Update: Power was knocked out in my office, so I never made the trip. But, I did find this press release while I was poking around Metro’s Twitter account. Trains are running through these stations, just not stopping at them. The point of this post still remains. The disruptions need to be better explained: Tell me about the disruption, then how it affects me and how to deal with it. Now THAT would be useful.

We had a ripper of a thunderstorm roll through D.C. this morning. It was so dark out I thought my clock was wrong when I was awakened about 7:30 a.m. today to cascading rain, thunder and my Post floating in a puddle out front.

If the disruptions of last few storms were any indication, this storm probably messed up our Metrorail system, which I use regularly to get to mid-Montgomery County. So I zipped to the Metro website and was greeted with this helpful information:

Disruption...power is out...BUT ARE THE TRAINS STILL RUNNNING?

Disruption...power is out...BUT ARE THE TRAINS STILL RUNNNING?

While it is helpful that disruptions are posted, I am still left with this question: Are the trains still running on the Red Line? I know they are single-tracking between SS and Takoma, but what about Cleveland Park? Is just the station closed, or are trains not running through there at all? And furthermore, how is the L2 bus going to help me?

My gut tells me trains are still running, but it’s a leap of faith. I can’t find any good information out there, not even on the new, which promised to take care of all my needs. I need to take the train; I don’t have a car today. Wish me luck.

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