What the hell around you talking about: Drizzy Drake

Believe this man when he whines. From Wikipedia.

Believe this man when he whines. From Wikipedia.

Love him or hate him, Degrassi alum and crossover pop wet dream Drake is musically gifted, though he’ll always be wheelchair-bound Jimmy to me. He came up with Weezy, can sing his own hooks, is young, and even looks a little bit like and wants to play Obama.

But I’m always conflicted about how he fails to acknowledge his child-actor past, despite the general honesty of his lyrics. Isn’t this a little embarrassing to someone with Jeezy cameos? Well, after listening to “The Resistance,” a long list of personal grief he is working through (and when isn’t he?), Drake obviously isn’t embarrassed to bring up anything.

Maybe it was the fast-paced switch-up
or the two guns in my face during the stick-up
Maybe cause a girl I thought I trusted was who set the whole shit up
or the fact I haven’t seen ’em since they locked Big Rich up

I remember briefly hearing about this robbery, and after a little digging, found this article from the Globe and Mail. Basically, he was allegedly robbed by two dudes, one whose first name is “Soccerties,” for his jewelry and money, which he later recovered. Most of the charges were dropped against the alleged robbers, and then Drake made a song about it, calling out the girl he was with for setting him up, presumably Chantal Brown from the Globe article. Sorry, no clue who “Big Rich” is.

The most shocking thing about this article is that Canadian newspapers allow the F-word in the body copy and that comments are closed due to legal reasons. I gotta get me some of that!

Drake’s lyrics are a sharp contrast to the previous feature of “What the hell are you talking about,” Rick Ross, who is a former prison guard rapping about being a drug kingpin; Ross has yet to release his list of personal regrets in musical form.

The next time Drake sings about some embarrassing personal business, best to believe him.

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