Git ‘Er Done

What the hell is going on with the Fillmore Silver Spring?

Last I heard, developer Bruce Lee was getting murked by local residents and businesses.

The Filmore

Let there be rock, from Just up the Pike

Come on people.  Do you really think rowdy rock fans are going to destroy your precious, muzak-filled Downtown Silver Spring(TM)?

Fear not fellow Spring de Silverers, as long as Live Nation doesn’t book crap bands like Nickelback or Staind we should be in good shape.

Get Queens of the Stone Age or Tame Impala and those em’efrs are going to Piratz Tavern or The Quarryhouse Tavern (more on this place later) for some libations pre and post facemelt.

Lets say they book teen-aimed bands like Greenday or Panic at the Disco.  Are you worried there will be a bunch of alt-looking teenagers hanging around downtown?  Have you ever been to Silver Spring?

Plus, you want these misanthropes down here anyways.  All they do is smoke cigarettes, spend mommy and daddy’s money and get picked up before they can actually cause trouble.  Trust me I was one of them.

Also, don’t worry about people driving anywhere.  The whole point in putting it down there is it will be right next to the GD metro.  I know I’ll be stumbling.  Cheers.

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