The Bay question: Did it rain yesterday?

Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis during a dry period last year.

Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis during a dry period last year.

Monday was supposed to be a trip to Sandy Point State Park, a fake beach on the Chesapeake that takes 45 minutes rather than three hours to get to.

It’s not a bad spot, the water is warm, the view of the Bay is nice, and, as mentioned before, it’s close. I’m as of this time unaware of any nice public Bay beach at the same price; please correct me if I’m wrong.

But, when calculating a beach trip to the Bay, you must know when it rained last. Why? Because if it has rained heavily recently, you are basically swimming in a toilet.

Turned out Monday was a little too gray, AND rain was threatening. Too risky for a beach visit. It’s depressing that our antiquated sewer systems make enjoying a beautiful body of water more difficult than it should be. You shouldn’t have to do a reverse weather forecast for a quick trip to the beach.

Fixing the Bay is going to make life more difficult in a lot of ways; expensive retrofitting of sewers, more permeable parking lots and better regulating the agricultural industry. But this process is just like the short term pain of any other sacrifice for the greater good: A diet, saving for a car repair or paying your way through school while working.

But there is one difference: The complex econo-politics of a recession. And if the piddling climate change bill is any indication, we aren’t ready to make the tough choices for the good of our natural resources.

When will we be?

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