Tale of two big men

Albert Haynesworth gets ready to eat someone, throw hundos in the air and demand more trades. From Wikipedia.

Albert Haynesworth gets ready to eat someone, throw hundos in the air and demand more trades. From Wikipedia.

Albert Haynesworth failed his sprinting test. On Thursday. And Friday.

Adam Dunn came to the Nationals and learned a new position. He’s now a serviceable first baseman.

Albert Haynesworth skipped mini-camps, demanded a trade and took a lot of money in doing so. Had he attended more team activities, he wouldn’t have to pass the shuttle. He is only Redskin that has to pass it.

Adam Dunn is making $12 million this year, less than he made in 2008. He continues to produce during rampant trade speculation and even had a conversation with a Post reporter about possibly being traded then resigning in D.C. next year.

The Redskins signed Haynesworth to a $100 million contract. He did not earn his money last season; he often looked like he was pretending to be hurt after becoming winded on a play. He whined when Jim Haslett came to Washington to install the 3-4, which meant he would play nose tackle and his statistics would drop precipitously. As a member of the Titans, he stomped on someone’s face.

The Nationals first traded Capps, then Guzman as the trade deadline approaches at 4 p.m. today. Getting rid of Dunn, unless it returns a proven major leaguer, will likely make the Nationals only slightly better than they were last year at this time. Non-Stras fans will have less of reason to watch. Mike More will play first base. Worse, Dunn has said repeatedly he wants to stay in D.C. He likes it here; most transplants to our fair city do their time for a few years and leave.

Trading Haynesworth has proven impossible. If he has a monster season, which likely won’t show up on his statistics as a nose tackle, the Skins might be able to move him next year. This year, when he sits around FedEx Field, he sits AROUND FedEx Field.

Teams are falling over themselves to trade for Dunn. If he continues to produce at a high level, he could crack the Hall of Fame. He is the type of player you dream a minor leaguer one day will become. And the Nationals already have him. Rizzo says he is waiting for a Godfather offer; one he can’t refuse. He is probably going to get one.

Two beasts of men. One overpaid, overvalued. Not a good teammate. Doesn’t want to stay in D.C. Impossible to get rid of. The other congenial, consistent, undervalued. Everyone wants him.

If only one of them is still in the DMV after 4 p.m. today, you aren’t going to have to guess which one it is.

Rizzo, think hard about this.

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